[CQ-Contest] Sprint last night.

Joe nss at mwt.net
Sun Sep 15 13:21:02 EDT 2013

UG what a disaster! I get all set,
  open the logger,
  and find my first station to call,
press on the foot switch and nothing happens,, I eventually find where I 
had a connection in line for a straight key broke behind the desk, so no 
foot switch,  and cant type and operate a PTT with the hand at the same 

So I try to go at it using VOX, I HATE VOX! I'm not used to it. That 
alosme messed me up tremendously!   then this contest royally screwed me 

This format drove me nuts!

I'm good at running a freq,
and not too bad at S&Ping,
but like this contest where it's mixing both constantly,
S&P someone, work him, I then wanted to twist the knob! but there a 
dozen people are calling me, I miss 90% of the calls because brain 
wasn't expecting to be called after a S&P QSO, so i eventually work 
someone, then my mind is set to run the freq, but of course thats not to be.

Man this was tough!

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