[CQ-Contest] Contester opinions on AL800H amp

Fco. Luis Delgadillo xe2b at outlook.com
Fri Apr 4 22:25:11 EDT 2014

I've been using it since 2000  mainly on contests. It has resisted  several operator errors and it has survived unscathed. Great amp!

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Jeff Kinzli N6GQ <jeff at N6GQ.com> escribió:

Hi all, I'm looking for an amp that fits the following criteria:

- Cheap
- Lightweight
- 1500w output

The amp will be traveling with me to locations where parts are
unavailable and where the amp may be seized by customs, or just plain
lost or stolen. This is the reason for cheap and lightweight
(potential for loss, traveling).

The amp that seems to fit these criteria is the AL800H. 1500W in a
relatively compact 52 pound box (self-contained).

I'm interested in feedback from contesters that use the AL800H in a
contest situation, more than just S&P and in environments where theres
dust, heat, etc. I know I can't expect everything from a cheap amp,
just trying to get a feel for whether the AL800H would make it through
a 48 hour contest as a primary run amp.

I also understand there have been some improvements made to the amp
recently that might make it more robust. If anyone has info on that
its appreciated.

Replies off-reflector are fine, and if anyone is interested I'll
summarize results.

Thanks much,
Jeff N6GQ
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