[CQ-Contest] The two/four-point rule in WPX

Kim Östman kim.ostman at tut.fi
Thu Apr 10 08:02:19 EDT 2014

Hi John,

Removing the exception simply brings the NA Caribbean stations to everybody
else's level and rules. 

If such playing under equal rules is seen as "unfair," then the problem lies
with the basic scoring system, and you can't fix that with this kind of
exception for just a privileged few.

Again, there are two very distinct and separate things at play here:

1) The basic continental-divide scoring system
2) The 2/4-point NA exception to it

Most agree that the first one is fundamentally flawed. But it is so
entrenched that I'm afraid we will not see it changed before our hobby dies

Thus I'm focusing only on the second one. We can’t put band-aid on the big
problem by maintaining a parochial exception that makes it even more
"unfair" for everybody else. Numerous examples can be shown of how this has
distorted contest results (beyond the basic system) and reversed final

In an event that purports to be a competition and to be worldwide, I think
this piece of basic logic should be patently obvious. I'm happy to say that
private communications around this thread are acknowledging this fact, even
from among the beneficiaries. 

I'm still hoping to hear official answers to the two questions posed


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There is no way to make contesting fair. Changing north american contacts
back one point would make it more unfair for stations in the Caribbean to
compete with stations in South America.

John KK9A

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>From the CQ WW Handbook, January 1999, by Bob Cox, K3EST

Brief History of the CQ WW Contest

"... [1962] was when the North American two point rule
came into existence. With such a rule, it was hoped that more
activity would occur in the Caribbean and Central America
countries. All these changes were brought into the rules by Frank,

This rule has definitely accomplished its purpose by motivating a lot of
contest expeditions to the Caribbean.  I don't see this rule changing any
time soon.

Randy, K5ZD

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