Tod Olson tod at k0to.us
Thu Apr 10 13:26:10 EDT 2014

In the process of discussing other things don¹t forget Jim¹s very cogent
suggestion that you get an Automatic Credit for your country and Zone.

That one should not be controversial and could be incorporated without
changing the rules to a Beta Test version. It will have very little effect
on the final results for almost everyone. It is left as an ³exercise for
the student² to analyze whose 'ox will be gored' by Jim¹s proposed Bingo

73, Tod, K0TO

On 4/9/14, 7:27 PM, "JIM NEIGER" <n6tj at sbcglobal.net> wrote:

>Along a related subject, at the contest start, I believe that each
>should get automatic credit for their Zone and Country.  Like the BINGO
>square at the center.  (I cannot begin to share the stories of the steps
>over the years I had to take to make sure I could work another ZD8 for a
>double mult that I would certainly miss ...... like lending a radio,
>programming a keyer, etc.  Great fun).  It's often frustrating to fly ten
>thousand miles, give your double mult to thousands,  but then miss Zone
>because you were the only SU on in CQ WW.
>Just some rambling thoughts from an OT that's almost retired from
>Vy 73,
>Jim Neiger   N6TJ  ZD8Z (back there next month)

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