[CQ-Contest] The two/four-point rule in WPX

Kim Östman kim.ostman at tut.fi
Thu Apr 10 10:56:26 EDT 2014

Hi Rich,

I'm sorry, but your particular example has nothing to do with the 2/4 point
exception that is being discussed. 

Again, what you are describing is an unfair property of the basic scoring
system, not of the narrow exception that privileges just a few.

-----Original Message-----
Unfair would be the fact that I can work a station 2300 miles away in 
California and I don't receive a single point for that QSO. You, on the 
other hand, can work about a dozen different countries with 500 miles of 
Helsinki. If you're in Germany, that number increases to about 40 countries.

So, please consider the uproar as to who benefits over whom with respect 
to geography.

73 Rich NN3W

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