[CQ-Contest] ARRL Log checking reports

Edward Sawyer SawyerEd at Earthlink.net
Sat Aug 2 09:13:38 EDT 2014

I beg to differ with Dave - K8CC's post.  Not with the well intended
volunteering of the individuals on behalf of contesting - kudos to them and
thank you very much.  But with the ARRL.  The ARRL is not a volunteer
organization.  Its an organization paid for by members.  Most of what I pay
for is in fact the contesting and also the DXing side.  They are charging
money and listing contests as a provided service.  They should therefor
support them as described.  Many of us run businesses (I know I do) and we
can't and shouldn't get away with telling our customers "sorry someone left
the company - just be patient - we'll get to you".  We shouldn't lower the
bar for the ARRL either.  Especially with no attempt at communication of


We are harsh on CQ Magazine in this forum - rightfully so in my opinion.  We
should not be any less demanding of ARRL as long as they are charging people
for membership and magazines.


If these contests were all volunteer, I would think differently - but they
are not.  They are paid in the cases being discussed here - supported by
volunteers to which I and the contest community are very grateful.


The WWROF has done yoman's service to help bandaid many of these issues in
contesting.  I urge all contesters to consider giving a donation to this
organization (like I have) to make sure that the contesting administration
and oversight doesn't get far worse than what we are complaining about here.




Ed  N1UR

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