[CQ-Contest] IDing

Ken Widelitz widelitz at gte.net
Mon Feb 3 18:50:21 EST 2014

Hi Steve,


Implicit in your response is the recognition that there is a trade-off
between wasting the time of those who know your call and are already in the
pile-up, and those who are listening for your call to see if they want to
join your pile-up. I think it is fair to favor those who have already called
in the pile-up. 


Also, in my experience, I ID more frequently on Sunday since the pile-ups
are not as intense as on the first day of the contest. The only time I
notice a lot of dupes is when a spot for me is busted. I sometimes make a
note of the time and check for likely busts of my call after the contest -
usually UY2TT, and more often than not, that is what I find caused the
dupes, not a lack of IDing. When I suspect a spot has my call busted (2 or 3
dupes in a minute,) even with a big pile-up, I'll ID a few QSOs in a row. 


In any event, I'm glad I'm not on your lack of IDing bad offender list:)


73, Ken, K6LA / VY2TT



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