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Frankly, I don't care if you ID or not.  It is your decision. When we set up
6D2X back in the 90s we consciously decided to ID after every contact. It
didn't seem to create too bad a problem since we broke the m/s, and m/m
records in the ARRL DX Contest.  (Been usurped by HC8 since then.) I know
that not signing your call every time is a tactic that some use to reduce
the pileup but it also increases the number of blown calls. So I guess that
the best thing to do is follow the rules, and regs and do what you think is

Bill W5VX

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I was going to tell a couple people that I did not agree with them but maybe
I do, but not in the same way. I think that this non-IDing rule may indeed
make things worse and not better.  Promoting not IDing, or IDing less often,
cannot turn out well.  That is what the rule does, sets a standard for not
IDing. And promotes not IDing by making it acceptable.

It is poor operating practice to not ID. Most agree with that. Not everyone
is assisted, so IDing does serve a purpose. Is accepting a call sign as
spotted a good practice? That is apparently what some are doing, never
actually copying a call sign.

All of us know, when new on a band and doing S&P, you tune quickly from
station to station and drop your call in.  You can do 100+ per hour early in
a contest S&P.  But that requires the CQing stations to ID often enough.  If
the IDing is only once every couple minutes, then your rate drops from that
100+ per hour pretty quick.  Making S&P ineffective unless you copy the
calls off a spotting network. If everyone follows the new rule and you skip
past all of the non IDers, that too makes S&P worthless. And then I suspect
you drive away many of the casual contesters. Think about that, you tune
across a band and no one is IDing, as  casual operator how does that keep
you interested?  All you hear is 599 ... TU ... 599 ... TU ... 599 ... TU
... but no call ... pretty boring

So dump the rule that promotes not IDing. If everyone starts with the non-ID
way of operating, S&P will be worthless, and the contest will follow.

73 Scott W2LC 
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