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w7dra at juno.com w7dra at juno.com
Thu Feb 6 12:44:54 EST 2014

there seems to be some sort of weird philosophy among contesters and
especially contest organizations that you can compare scores over the
years the contest has been in existence.

seems that usually comparisons are made between things that are somehow
equivalent, where in a ham radio contest each year is unique.

i guess over the contest(a couple of days) things stay somewhat the same,
no one gets too much older, the ionosphere is somewhat constant, no one
comes up with new rigs (on Friday ICOM releases the new improved
FT12350!! - replacing the FT12349 that was selling like gang busters
Thursday!!), or operating practices, Bill Gates does not come up with new
software additions

but no contest ham could never do the following:
1. have a good year
3. operate the same hours and don't die and use the same rig (antennas
etc) for the next complete solar cycle
4. compare scores 

so go ahead and change the only thing that does stay constant over the
years in a contest - THE RULES!

change the rules each years like everything else is changing

OK, back to the basement with my RAL-7 and  petting the cat

mike w7dra

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