[CQ-Contest] IDing, not

Tim Shoppa tshoppa at gmail.com
Thu Feb 6 12:48:52 EST 2014

> You can do 100+ per hour early in a contest S&P.  But that requires the
> stations to ID often enough.  If the IDing is only once every couple
minutes, then your
> rate drops from that 100+ per hour pretty quick.  Making S&P ineffective
unless you
> copy the calls off a spotting network.

If there's a line to work someone - as would be implied by him not ID'ing
often - then there's no problem. He was not a candidate for the "new band
rush" if there were other callers for him.

I use N1MM function "mark as busy" if there's obviously something on the
frequency but I have no idea what the call is. If I hear the call and
there's a line (I don't get him first or second try), then it goes on the
bandmap with the call. I will generally work known calls if I ever get
around to cleaning up, before the "marked as busy but he wasn't ID'ing"

If a guy is ID'ing and obviously has a good cadence, I will come back to
him far sooner than a guy not ID'ing and/or with poor cadence.

Tim N3QE

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