[CQ-Contest] LoTW confirmation rates

Chuck Milam, N9KY N9KY at arrl.net
Wed Feb 12 10:10:39 EST 2014

On Wed, Feb 12, 2014 at 6:34 AM, Charlie Gallo <Charlie at thegallos.com>

> That area (plus closer to NYC) has a LOT of financial companies, all of
> whom seem to be looking for C++ developers with high performance database
> experience.  Basically, you want that, you have to pay.  These are the kind
> of guys who, if they are willing to go to Manhattan are going to be pulling
> in the BIG bucks (particularly when you count bonus) - as in north of 200K,
> and last I looked, the league isn't looking to pay anywhere near that kind
> of cash...

If the league would be open to a remote/telecommuting DBA/sysadmin and
moving to open-source technologies (Linux, MySQL/PosgreSQL, etc.) I'd be
willing to negotiate for half of that or less. I'm sure I'm not alone. Of
course, if I was expected to live in New England, I'd ask for a north of
$200K salary as well.  The cost of living, as well as the pain of living in
over-regulated east coast states compared to the cheaper and more free
midwestern states is what drives this.

Of course, I think they also need a sysadmin, possibly a DBA, and a
developer or two, not an all-in-one position.  The disciplines are quite

Chuck Milam, N9KY
N9KY at arrl.net

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