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Kris Mraz n5kilomike at gmail.com
Thu Feb 13 17:30:02 EST 2014


I'm curious how to use LoTW to determine if I have any fake QSOs
against my call.
Can you elaborate?


Kris N5KM

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> I upload to both LoTW and eQSL. I have gotten a few "fake" QSOs against both
> my home call (130K QSOs) and my XV calls (3W2NWS - 5K QSOs - and XV2W -20K
> QSOs). Most of the fake ones were for my XV2W call and for a time I was not
> in XV. In total maybe 15 fake QSOs.
> Confirmation rate is nearly the same (within 1 per cent) for both LoTW and
> eQSL at around 20 per cent overall for my home call which has many QSOs
> before 2003 (roughly the start of LoTW and eQSL).
> Confirmation rate for my XV2W call has recently changed with LoTW now around
> 37 per cent and eQSL around 28 per cent. These used to be much more like my
> home call in range and spread between the two services. Paper QSL rate is
> about 25 per cent for the XV call. There is overlap in these numbers in that
> some stations are confirmed in all three categories (eQSL, LoTW, paper),
> some in two categories, and others in only one category.
> There is a difference between continents for my XV2W QSOs. NA is decidedly
> more LoTW oriented with 52 per cent confirmed LoTW vs 22 per cent eQSL. AS
> OTOH is 32 vs 22 per cent (LoTW and eQSL respectively) and EU at 38 vs 32
> per cent.
> 73, Larry  W6NWS

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