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You cannot determine fake QSOs on LoTW. That is because the confirmation 
is not 'validated' (made visible to both stations) until both 
participant's log entries match.

The eQSL system works differently. Incoming QSL requests arrive in your 
"inbox" whether or not there is a matching QSO on your part. This is 
just like QSLs coming into your postal mailbox. You can accept, ignore, 
or reject individual QSL requests manually, if you wish.

As a side note, the eQSL system came in handy when I was processing my 
old logs. In the early days, I had been logging my QSOs in local time 
instead of UTC. And with the different on/off dates of Daylight Saving 
Time, I was able to determine that my conversion to UTC for some 
contacts (and sometimes whole contests) were wrong. In that case I would 
see a dozen or so eQSLs that were off by an hour (or sometimes 5 or 6 
hours). I was able to correct my log, delete my bad records from eQSL, 
and upload the corrected log. This process is not possible using the 
LoTW system.

73 de Bob - KØRC in MN

On 2/13/2014 4:30 PM, Kris Mraz wrote:
> Larry,
> I'm curious how to use LoTW to determine if I have any fake QSOs
> against my call.
> Can you elaborate?
> 73,
> Kris N5KM
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>> I upload to both LoTW and eQSL. I have gotten a few "fake" QSOs against both
>> my home call (130K QSOs) and my XV calls (3W2NWS - 5K QSOs - and XV2W -20K
>> QSOs). Most of the fake ones were for my XV2W call and for a time I was not
>> in XV. In total maybe 15 fake QSOs.
>> Confirmation rate is nearly the same (within 1 per cent) for both LoTW and
>> eQSL at around 20 per cent overall for my home call which has many QSOs
>> before 2003 (roughly the start of LoTW and eQSL).
>> Confirmation rate for my XV2W call has recently changed with LoTW now around
>> 37 per cent and eQSL around 28 per cent. These used to be much more like my
>> home call in range and spread between the two services. Paper QSL rate is
>> about 25 per cent for the XV call. There is overlap in these numbers in that
>> some stations are confirmed in all three categories (eQSL, LoTW, paper),
>> some in two categories, and others in only one category.
>> There is a difference between continents for my XV2W QSOs. NA is decidedly
>> more LoTW oriented with 52 per cent confirmed LoTW vs 22 per cent eQSL. AS
>> OTOH is 32 vs 22 per cent (LoTW and eQSL respectively) and EU at 38 vs 32
>> per cent.
>> 73, Larry  W6NWS
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