[CQ-Contest] LaQP - Louisiana Qso Party - new sponsor - new web site

Mark Ketchell k5er at k5er.com
Fri Feb 14 01:02:28 EST 2014

         This was first posted last month, and many informed me that 
there was an issue resolving the url. Thanks to great customer 
service from KA9FOX at QTH.com, we have the issues worked out and 
everyone should be able to reach our web site, laqp.org.
         If you like QSO parties, please take time to read about our 
new and improved event with new sponsorship, new categories and lots 
more fun. We hope to work you on March 22.


         As the new sponsor of the Louisiana Qso Party, the Louisiana Contest
Club is happy to announce the date for the 2014 LaQP is March 22. The
event runs 9:00 AM to 9:00 PM, central daylight time. Complete rules
are available on the new dedicated web site - laqp.org

         To increase interest and participation, we have several new
categories and more certificates to be won than ever before.
Previously, our date conflicted with a major rtty contest, so the
number of Louisiana operators was limited. With the new date, more LA
stations should be on, and we have a number of rovers planning to
activate parishes, including some of the sparsely populated ones.
Since the formation of the Louisiana Contest Club, Louisiana is no
longer a "rare" contact, but, if you need a particular parish, or
still need to get Louisiana in your log, this would be a great time
to do just that. We expect to have stations on in three modes -
Phone, CW and RTTY (see suggested frequencies in the rules at - laqp.org ).

         We have worked with logging software writers for N1MM and CQ-X (gps
enabled rover logger by NO5W), to insure they score correctly. We
welcome other logging software authors to contact us and test their
packages as well. For those participating, Cabrillo files are the
preferred method of log submission.

         On the web site, we have an email link for questions, and will be
posting some FAQ's once they start coming in. One of the most common
comments we had, was the previous lack of scores being posted. After
they are checked and scored, it is our intention to publish a list of
ALL submitted logs.

         Whether you decide to compete for one of the 81 certificates
available, or just want to grab a few LA contacts, we welcome your
participation. For those not so competitive, you can still qualify
for a participation certificate by making a minimum of 10 contacts
with Louisiana stations. We hope we have given everyone something to
enjoy with the NEW Louisiana Qso Party. We look forward to working
everyone who chooses to participate. Be sure to look for the bonus
station - N5LCC.

         See you on March 22.

For the LaQP committee,
Mark, K5ER
Bobby, WM5H
Jeff, AC5O

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