[CQ-Contest] latest from NQ4I weather information

Rick Dougherty NQ4I nq4i at contesting.com
Fri Feb 14 11:03:44 EST 2014

Hi All...been without internet, phone or tv for the past few days...here is
the latest information on our storm...
I woke up Thursday morning and went out side and noticed that the ice storm
was still continuing...the 40m 3 el Telrex at 155 ft had broken elements
and will need repairs this summer..the KLM 4 el 40m MULT antenna is TOAST!
It is dangling from the rohn 55 tower at 155 ft and will have to come down
in pieces...the good news is that all the remaining antennas made it
through just fine...all my homemade antennas were able to make it through
the ice storm, but the commercial made antennas all failed?
To me the most amazing weather transformation occurred Thursday..at 8 am it
was a winter wonder land here at my qth...snow, packed ice, ice pellets,
just the whole mixture of Mother Nature...it was snowing heavily at
0800...in 4 hours the temperature rose 14 degrees F and nearly every sign
of winter had vanished! Complete transformation in 4 hours..all lantnnas
sprang back into pre storm form and only by looking closely could you find
any trace of snow...all melted and dried up in 4 hours...huge vapor clouds
of ice sublimating from a solid to a gas without passing into liquid form!

I appreciate all the heartfelt notes and emails...my emotions went from
very low esteem on Wed and Thur morning to very elated by Thursday

We will have a single band effort or two on this weekend from NQ4I...Jim
VE7ZO will do single band 15m with the NQ4I callsign...and I will do a
single band 10m effort with W4KZ.

73 and thanks to all!

de Rick NQ4I

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