[CQ-Contest] HA3OV and XYL SK in car accident

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Fri Feb 14 12:12:34 EST 2014

Very sad.  Anti was very out-going and it was a lot of fun to be around him.  6-time world champ at anything is very impressive.  

The HAs just barely got locked out of WRTC-2014 by the OMs, OEs and S5s in their highly competitive Selection Area of EU-4.

HA3NU, who wrote the post below, is one of 3 FB referees for WRTC-2014 from Hungary.  He operated with Anti in Slovenia and they finished a solid 18th.  Anti then operated with Zoli, HA1AG in Finland/2002 and they finished 20th.  After skipping 2006, Anti operated with HA6PX in Russia in 2010 and they finished 15th.  The list of competitors who have at least three top-20 finishes is not a very long one.  

RIP, Anti.  Condolences to the HG6N & HA3KNA teams and to Anti's remaining family.





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Dear friends,

This morning Anti HA3OV and his XYL died in a car accident.
Anti was 3 times WRTC competitor (Slovenia, Finland, Russia),
member of HG6N team and 6 times World Champion in High Speed Telegraphy.
Hard to find words, a big loss for our Radio Club HA3KNA.

vy 73:
Lacy HA3NU (HG3R)


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