Christian Schneider prickler.schneider at t-online.de
Mon Feb 17 01:03:57 EST 2014

please calm down on this issue.
When I S&P and just tune in on a new QRG only hearing "LY5W" I do NOT know
whether you are just finishing a CQ or calling another station. If I don´t
want to cause YOU unnecessary QRM I do not drop my call. If I do not call
you when you are calling CQ my qrx due to your unclear termination costs ME
the time of a at least one qso because I have to wait longer. 
Is this explanation enough? 
Look at RTTY: "CQ" at the end of a CQ-sequence has established as good
op-pracice for the same reason. 

And if you are calling a station before he has ended his tranmission - be it
"TEST" or anything else - you simply made a mistake because not hearing
properly or no having qsk activated.

73, Chris DL8MBS

LY5W wrote:

can anyone me explain this nonsense?
When I beginning calling station he still calling... TEST and received in
better way my 5W, or only W.
Just hit those nonsense TEST on the end!!!

Sam LY5W
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