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john at kk9a.com john at kk9a.com
Fri Feb 21 08:14:57 EST 2014

I think most contests only allow one transmitted signal at a time for
single operator.  You have to read the rules carefully.  I ran two radios
in the WPX RTTY contest earlier this month and sometimes it was
frustrating to have to wait a few seconds to respond while waiting for the
other radio to finish transmitting.  Also long gaps between CQs can leave
you open for someone to take the frequency.

John KK9A

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Subject:	 [CQ-Contest] SO2R
From:	 Pedro Piza <pedropiza73 at gmail.com>
Date:	 Fri, 21 Feb 2014 03:30:39 -0400

Is it legal in the SO2R to call CQ simultameous on two different BANDs.? Then
work a station on BAND A and them amswer TO station on BAND B, and start
TO call CQ simultaneous on both bands?
  Best 73's NP4A
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