[CQ-Contest] Too Much 'Assistance'?

Marijan Miletic, S56A s56a at bit.si
Fri Feb 21 14:15:55 EST 2014

VE9AA wrote: Normally you would only spot a station after you would work
them, right?


Not right!  Hams are given freqs for propagation research and tech edu.  I
might find band openings not yet reported by nearby S5 Skimmers and I'd spot


I even spot K3LR and W3LPL on occassions thanking them for supplying
abundance of DX info.  Enjoyed WVE CW 2014 with great openings.


I belong to "the boy who made his radio" and I am also computers literate.
I preffer mouse clicking instead of slowly turning VFO knob over empty band.


My recent Z6/S56A operation in CQ WW 160 CW without internet and CAT was
middle age nightmare.  I am NOT 1k5W runner.





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