[CQ-Contest] Too Much 'Assistance'?

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You said: "I prefer mouse clicking instead of slowly turning VFO knob over empty band."

Here are my metrics and other comments on Assisted from the ARRL CW DX:

                     Qs    min   rate
Spots Worked        1284  1405    54

Using rbn with UNIQUE>2 filter, the accuracy of those spots was truly amazing - I had less than a dozen cases where the decoded call sign was wrong, and some of those were actually validly decoded, piss-poorly sent call signs.

OA4SS Pileup at 1845 when he came on.  Order he worked:

One spotted station kept incorrectly coming back to K5GN, so I corrected to W5GN, and he came back again with that wrong call.  After five such iterations, he finally said BOTH W5GN AND K5GN are calling, and then worked us both, Dave first, since I was probably QRMing him!

I tabulated the spot worked rate comparing "jumping" on spots in the available Q window, versus tuning up the band in classic S&P mode (BUT: with N1MM, as I tune across a station, if he has been spotted I immediately see the call and can work or tune by without waiting - or with just enough wait to confirm the station is the spotted station).  Consistently when there were both good conditions and plenty of spots, working by tuning generated several periods of rates between 90 and 100, while jumping was significantly slower, typically 60-90.
And, when jumping I have NO awareness of what freqency I'm jumping to (fortunatly, CW can't be out of band!).


Barry, W5GN

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VE9AA wrote: Normally you would only spot a station after you would work them, right?


Not right!  Hams are given freqs for propagation research and tech edu.  I might find band openings not yet reported by nearby S5 Skimmers and I'd spot it.


I even spot K3LR and W3LPL on occassions thanking them for supplying abundance of DX info.  Enjoyed WVE CW 2014 with great openings.


I belong to "the boy who made his radio" and I am also computers literate.
I preffer mouse clicking instead of slowly turning VFO knob over empty band.


My recent Z6/S56A operation in CQ WW 160 CW without internet and CAT was middle age nightmare.  I am NOT 1k5W runner.





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