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Tim Shoppa tshoppa at gmail.com
Mon Feb 24 12:32:55 EST 2014

> A station came back to me, but I could not copy his state
> among the static crashes, so I asked for a repeat. The op comes back:
> thanks, Eric, for Maine." Well, two problems here: (1) I had not given him
> his report yet (and never did), and (2) I never use my given name on or
> the air - I go by "Rick." The logical conclusion here is that he had his
> logger set to look up on the Internet stations he was working, and he got
> given name AND my exchange info from a call sign database.
> I don't expect to log more than a few dozen Qs in this event, but his will
> not be among the ones I submit, even though it was a needed mult.

Most likely he had pre-fills preloaded.

Isn't this what "XQSO:" in Cabrillo was set up for? "I might be in the
other guys log but I don't feel it was a qualifying QSO and don't want
credit and contest organizers might want to look carefully for patterns of

Not to be confused with "I walked this non-contester into a contest
exchange" which is completely legit.

I remember one prominent island station in IOTA contest who was not sending
his IOTA number. I asked several times and he wasn't giving it to anyone. I
send in my IOTA log with his IOTA left blank, send a note to the contest
manager, and even then I get dinged. It was a mistake for me to put in as a
QSO. Next time, I'm going with XQSO.

Tim N3QE

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