[CQ-Contest] Radio Laws of Propagation....Have they been re-invented?

Pete Smith N4ZR n4zr at contesting.com
Thu Feb 27 10:11:06 EST 2014

And then, of course, there are the guys who think they are supposed to 
send serial numbers, a la WPX.

73, Pete N4ZR
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On 2/27/2014 8:51 AM, Zack Widup wrote:
> Another thing is that I've received all sorts of oddball power levels
> from people in the ARRL DX contest over the years. 999, 995, 763, 155,
> 37 ... I have often had a passing thought about how they measured it
> and how accurate they were. But I also thought if anyone really cared
> how close they were except for the contesting lawyers. I would think
> that if they were within 5% or so, it wouldn't matter. And power out
> of an amp varies across a band or from band to band. Someone may be
> getting 500 watts out on 80 meters and start saying "500" in the
> contest, but then on 10 meters they can only coax 350 out of the amp.
> But they've already started using the number "500." You could say they
> should have planned beforehand and checked the lowest power they would
> get with everything cranked up and then adjust power down on the bands
> where they got more. But if your short-term memory is as bad as mine
> is getting, it would be easy to make this mistake. I don't even
> remember what I did 10 minutes ago. :-)
> If someone is reporting a power that is different enough to put them
> in a different category in the contest, though, that's a different
> story. Saying 100 watts and running 500 or a thousand would be a rules
> violation. I guess that's the question at hand.
> 73, Zack W9SZ
> On 2/27/14, Zack Widup <w9sz.zack at gmail.com> wrote:
>> Yes, good point, Paul. I was just indicating that he wasn't sending 42
>> in the contest.
>> 73, Zack W9SZ
>> On 2/27/14, Paul O'Kane <pokane at ei5di.com> wrote:
>>>> I just checked my logs. I worked KP4KE on three bands. On all three
>>>> bands he sent me the power level of 100.
>>> Hello Zack,
>>> Whether he says he was running 42 watts or 100 watts makes
>>> no difference.  The charge is that he was louder than other
>>> stations running 1500 watts.
>>> The issue is - how much power was he actually running and,
>>> if it was more than 150 watts, why did he not enter the HP
>>> section?
>>>> compare, for Saturday February 15,
>>>> 2014, the signal levels of KP4KE (42 watts) and NP2P (1.5KW) especially
>>>> on the low bands. Antennas on the low band are essentially the same.
>>>> KP4KE claims (3830 report) that has a dipole at 60' on 80 and so does
>>>> NP2P. (NP2P is 65 feet ABG.  He claims on 40 meters a delta loop at 70'
>>>> and NP2P has a dipole at 65 feet.  Now do you know how his claim of 42
>>>> watts to these antennas can outperform similar antennas into the
>>>> mainland locations against a station that is running (NP2P) 1500 watts?
>>> 73,
>>> Paul EI5DI
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