[CQ-Contest] Headset Boom Mic.

Joe nss at mwt.net
Thu Feb 27 10:31:02 EST 2014

See that's the problem.  I have my own, (that's not going anywhere!) And 
the club is starting from scratch, so no old element to take from anywhere.

I wonder why they stopped making them?

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Idle Tyme
On 2/27/2014 6:16 AM, Cqtestk4xs at aol.com wrote:
> Suggestion:
> Get the Heil headset.  Take out the (new) cartridge and  replace it with a
> HC4 cartridge from a junked old headset.  I did not like  the sound of the
> new cartridge...not enough bite.  So I replaced it with  the HC4 from my old
> Quiet Phone that went belly up.
> Although they have some HC4 cartridges at Heil they won't sell you  one.
> They're reserved for "repairs".
> K4XS
> In a message dated 2/27/2014 1:05:21 A.M. Coordinated Universal Time,
> nss at mwt.net writes:
> Greetings everyone!
> My local radio club bought for the club  a IC-718 for use like at Field
> Day, Special events, and to loan out to  newbies etc.
> It has the stock hand mic.
> >From what I  have read in the owners manual it does not have the feature
> of tailoring  the mic audio like many of the new rigs allow you to do.
> We always  loved the audio passband of like the old Sure 444, and the
> Heil HC-4 DX  Dream, ( Sadly no longer made.)
> What is out there, Heil, or anyone else  that has a Boom mic headset
> combo that has audio passbands like these old  classics? That would work
> with this new rig of the clubs?
> Joe  WB9SBD

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