[CQ-Contest] Comments on CQWW Rules

David Gilbert xdavid at cis-broadband.com
Wed Jun 25 00:36:52 EDT 2014

I rarely S&P, and it's the casual contester I'm talking about ... the 
ones who aren't necessarily trying to maximize their score. They're 
there just to have fun, and could very well be drawn to the pileups for 
reasons of signal strength or activity.  It's quite one thing to be 
willing to wait your turn to break the pileup ... it's quite another to 
have to wait purely to find out if you're wasting that time.

In any case, we aren't going to attract more people to contesting by 
never trying to do anything different.  I find it difficult to 
understand the resistance to a rule addition that is clearly intended to 
promote the hobby ... especially since it impacts the rest of us 
negligibly.  When I'm running a frequency I consider it my obligation to 
get everyone on their way as rapidly as possible and I'm not much of an 
operator if I can't figure out how to insert my callsign once every 
minute on average without impacting my rate.

Dave   AB7E

On 6/24/2014 5:38 PM, ve4xt at mymts.net wrote:
> Then don't sit there waiting. Use a quick men or radio 2 to find something else to work.
> It seems, sorry to put such a fine point on it, Dave, that those who get frustrated sitting on a frequency waiting for someone to ID have only themselves to blame for choosing to just sit there. You might wait just to find out he's a dupe or not a new mult.
> The QSOs you lose waiting are more valuable than this guy anyway. And if he's got such a pileup, he'll still be there when you tune back.
> 73, Kelly
> ve4xt

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