[CQ-Contest] Comments on CQWW Rules

rin JG1VGX jg1vgx at jarl.com
Wed Jun 25 08:55:31 EDT 2014

I have a slightly different perspective on this subject.

I rarely see problems how often you guys top notch operators such as
posting on this reflector who might be operating from a Caribbean
id's. Maybe every or up to three qso is ideal but I can tolerate less
often. I think it is perfectly runner's choice and I believe s&p'ers
also have a choice. I can wait or leave (and come back later).

But I will get very frustrated when I see seemingly very inexperienced
operator handling pileups who almost NEVER id's, until they are asked
(coerced) to do so. They seem to be such a precious new comer into our
hobby and are simply innocent but they need to be EDUCATED how to do
this properly.

So I believe this rule change is for those purposes and is less to do
with 'instant gratification'.

73 rin JG1VGX

On Wed, Jun 25, 2014 at 1:36 PM, David Gilbert <xdavid at cis-broadband.com> wrote:
> I rarely S&P, and it's the casual contester I'm talking about ... the ones
> who aren't necessarily trying to maximize their score. They're there just to
> have fun, and could very well be drawn to the pileups for reasons of signal
> strength or activity.  It's quite one thing to be willing to wait your turn
> to break the pileup ... it's quite another to have to wait purely to find
> out if you're wasting that time.
> In any case, we aren't going to attract more people to contesting by never
> trying to do anything different.  I find it difficult to understand the
> resistance to a rule addition that is clearly intended to promote the hobby
> ... especially since it impacts the rest of us negligibly.  When I'm running
> a frequency I consider it my obligation to get everyone on their way as
> rapidly as possible and I'm not much of an operator if I can't figure out
> how to insert my callsign once every minute on average without impacting my
> rate.
> Dave   AB7E
> On 6/24/2014 5:38 PM, ve4xt at mymts.net wrote:
>> Then don't sit there waiting. Use a quick men or radio 2 to find something
>> else to work.
>> It seems, sorry to put such a fine point on it, Dave, that those who get
>> frustrated sitting on a frequency waiting for someone to ID have only
>> themselves to blame for choosing to just sit there. You might wait just to
>> find out he's a dupe or not a new mult.
>> The QSOs you lose waiting are more valuable than this guy anyway. And if
>> he's got such a pileup, he'll still be there when you tune back.
>> 73, Kelly
>> ve4xt
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73 de rin JG1VGX

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