[CQ-Contest] Comments on CQWW Rules

Doug Renwick ve5ra at sasktel.net
Wed Jun 25 23:40:32 EDT 2014

The problem comes when you don't know his call.  If he says you are a dupe,
you still don't know his call.  If you can coerce his call at the time of
the exchange ... fine.  If you can't then you have to wait and wait for him
to id or constantly say 'what's your call?" until he does.  I guess the last
resort is assume the cluster report is correct and log it that way ...
sorry, I thought everybody had an eye on the cluster.


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I use a two call rule.

When I find a station to work, if I know his call and not a dupe, great! 
if i don't,, I'll call anyway, and if he's a dupe his loss of time, too 
bad,, say who you are.

And at any rate be I know who it is or not, I call and only try twice if 
I do not get them in two tries. I move on, either the pile is too big or 
propagation isn't good enough. and try again later, on the next pass 
through the Band.


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