[CQ-Contest] Question about contest logs

Hank Greeb n8xx at arrl.org
Sun Mar 2 17:02:42 EST 2014

I was "sorta participating" in ARRL DX SSB as SOSB 10 QRP this weekend.  
Not using any assistance.  Mighty score of 110Q's 50 multipliers in 6 
hours claimed.

BUT, I was asking the RBN and DXSummit.fi to let me know where W1AW/0 
and W1AW/7 were active, so I could get an insurance contact with both of 

I got a report that W1AW/0 was on 21 MHz SSB, so I went there, No Dice, 
but I did find VP5H near the frequency which was reported for W1AW/0.  
Obviously, VP5H wouldn't count in my 10 meter score, so I worked him - 
since I know one of the operators there.

I looked again, and found that W1AW/0 had moved to CW, so I went on CW 
and he was LOUD, so I worked him.  I also noted that W1AW/7 was on 18 
MHz SSB, so I worked him there.

In both cases these contacts were in the ARRL SSB DX contest log.  These 
obviously don't count for any points, so, my question:

Should I take them out and put them in a special DX log?

Or will the scoring robot ignore the CW contact and the 18 MHz phone 
contact with no penalty.  I know I'm not supposed to massage the log 
after I submit it, so I'm inclined to keep these in there.

Just curious.

72/73 de n8xx Hg
QRP >99.44% of the time

p.s. I KNOW that assistance from skimmers and DX clusters is not 
permissible with single op category, so I didn't use it.  It's very easy 
to set up the RBN to only search for W1AW/* and similarly it's easy to 
do so for the dxsummit.fi.

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