[CQ-Contest] W/VE contacts from W/VE in ARRL DX

Marvin Bloomquist n5aw at 281.com
Mon Mar 3 12:40:32 EST 2014

I get occasional W/VE callers in the ARRL DX contests. Especially on SSB it 
is easy to politely tell these folks we can't work each other in this 
contest. When I do that they often thank me for telling them. I'm amazed 
that many of the big guns work these guys as if they count. That just 
perpetuates the problem and they go off looking for another contact. Maybe 
it is slightly quicker to do that on CW rather than explain we can't work 
each other but certainly not on phone. All of us benefit if we let these 
neophytes know they need to be working DX.  Hey - at least they are trying 
to participate rather than sitting out there griping about the contesters.

Marv N5AW 

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