[CQ-Contest] W/VE contacts from W/VE in ARRL DX

Marvin Bloomquist n5aw at 281.com
Tue Mar 4 14:09:52 EST 2014

I'm a little surprised at the responses to my earlier post on this subject. 
I really think most of the callers think they are helping you when they 
answer - in fact some have told me so - and they would like to know if they 
aren't. I still say politely telling them these contacts don't count for the 
contest helps everyone. If you want to log it that's fine. There may be a 
few callers who are looking for states or counties that they need confirmed 
and I don't mind giving them the contact in that case. I still say giving 
them a contact without telling them it doesn't count in the contest makes it 
worse for everyone.

Marv N5AW 

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