[CQ-Contest] W1AW/7 in Idaho - 40m CW

Tod Olson tod at k0to.us
Thu Mar 6 13:56:03 EST 2014

I recognize that this is probably not the right reflector for this but I am
not sure where it should be posted. I would appreciate it if someone would
copy the information and put it on the correct reflector.
I have been selected to operate W1AW/7 in Idaho until March 12. I know there
are a lot of DX stations that want Idaho on 40m and I would like to work
them if I can. For the next four days I will be on looking for EU after 0000
UTC and looking for JA about 1200 UTC, I plan to operate below 7.025 when
trying to work the DX stations.

There is a lot of Auroral flutter and a lot of stations calling at the same
time [ I have new respect for the Dxpedition guys ].

I will do my best. Check LP as well as direct if you are a DX station.

Tod, K0TO  operating as W1AW/7 on 40m CW.

Thanks to the reflector for your understanding with respect to this message.

Tid, K0TO

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