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Bob Naumann W5OV at W5OV.COM
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As one with progressively failing eyesight as I age, for me the size of the
monitors chosen becomes a matter of how large can I afford / fit.

Currently, I have a pair of 20" wide-screen Acer monitors and they are fine
for what I do.  Recently, at PJ4G for ARRL SSB, we were blessed with having
24" monitors and that was really nice!

As with many things, I think the bigger the better!  As long as you can fit
them on your desk - of course. 

There are good brands out there, but I don't think there's any one that is
better than any other - look at them before you buy and see if they look
good to you.

The other thing to consider is how you will mount them?  I'm curious why you
say: "No wall-mounted monitors here".  Is there something wrong with

Generic comments continue: 

Will you use the provided stand or will you use an articulated wall-mount?
If you use a wall-mount, make sure your monitors have the proper threaded
mate to such wall mounts.

I have found that some cheaper units leave this "feature" out even while
having the holes in the rear panel of the monitor that makes it look as
though it could be wall-mounted.

The move-able articulated mounts are nice so you can re-position the
monitors as you like.

I also find that using a utility to manage the multiple monitors is a big
help. I have been using one called "UltraMon" for many years, and it has
some really nice features.  This was recommended to me by the network
managers at a former employer and these guys had 3 or 4 monitors on each


Bob W5OV

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I need help from the Masters.

I am in the planning stages of a SO2R station.  The center piece will be 
the two radios and two LED computer displays above the radios.  The 
displays will be side-by-side and supporting all of the 
contesting/logging/propagation windows driven by one central contesting 
computer.  I could be talked into having two computers--one for each 
display--but I would appreciate if that discussion were held another day.

Today I am looking for assistance in choosing the proper LED display 
terminals. What is the optimal size of these monitors?  They can be long 
and skinny or basically square.  Has experience shown that one 
particular screen size and/or aspect radio to be better than another in 
this application?  I am partial to Samsung, but I can be talked out of 
that too if appropriate.

The displays will be mounted above the radios slightly above eye level 
with their fronts basically even with the front panel of the radios.  No 
wall-mounted monitors here.

Once the displays are chosen, then possible we can wander off into the 
one vs. two computer forest.

So those of you with two terminals displays, let us know what you hate 
about them, what you love, what you would do different.  Help me avoid 
the mistakes I am destined to make without your help.

Needless to say, Thank YOU!

Dick Flanagan K7VC
dick at k7vc.com

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