[CQ-Contest] Size of Dual Monitors

Jim N7US jim at n7us.net
Mon Mar 17 14:24:57 EDT 2014

In the shack, I use "office glasses," as they were called in the optician's
office.  For normal use I wear progressive lenses rather than bifocals, so
the top is for distance and they get progressively stronger as I look down
(think analog rather than digital/bifocal).

The "office glasses," which I think was a brand name, are the same except
the top part of the lenses are good to about two meters and work for my
monitors suspended above the radios, which are mounted on a low shelf.  The
accessories on the desk and the keyboard are in focus too, which isn't the
case with my single-vision computer glasses.

73, Jim N7US

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I second that!  Computer glasses are a must, especially when the monitor is
a bit higher and you wear bi-focals.

Very fatiguing otherwise.

73 de Steve, NR4M

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