[CQ-Contest] RF Into Mic Circuit,,,

Joe nss at mwt.net
Mon May 12 13:40:03 EDT 2014

Ok ,

I have an Older Heil HC-4 Element DX Dream machine headset. It works 
AWESOME with my Kenwood TS-430S

But it doesn't have quite enough OOMPH for my Laptop. I added the 
blocking cap and all that. And it is Just a bit down if I max out the 
gain, and add the boost it is just a tad weak still anyway.

Plus I hope to use it at Feid Day, and the club rig is also one that 
this won't be enough drive.

So I bought this as suggested by someone here.



I should have plenty of drive for sure.

Now the question is, I assume best audio quality would be where none of 
the adjustable gains, Laptop, or Rig, or Pre amp are maxed out. I would 
assume start off with all as low as possible and work my way up till 
satisfactory level is achieved?

But Being Field Day and marginal ground systems, and odd antennas the 
chances of RF getting in is higher than at home. So,,,

The question is where should the gain be set to minimize the potential 
of RF?

I'm thinking MAXED out on the Rig, ( Best shielding and by passing 
etc..) Same with the laptop,,  then only run on the pre amp the amount 
needed to get the level needed.

Am I thinking correctly here?

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