[CQ-Contest] Very Special Slow-Speed CWops Tests Wednesday/Thursday

Neil Martinsen-Burrell neilmartinsenburrell at gmail.com
Wed Nov 12 23:28:19 EST 2014

As a CW Academy graduate, thank you very much for this week's slow speed
CWT contest.

I have been trying to participate in the CWT since early August as part of
my CW education and after first scoring the vaunted 1 point, I've made as
many as 7 QSOs in my past outings.  This week, with two months of the good
teaching of Bill K5LN and the patience and skill of everyone who I worked,
I made 21 QSOs, all on 40 meters.

I don't know if it was the CW Academy course or the more moderate speed
this week, but I was able to work stations fairly steadily over the entire
hour.  Usually I spend two or three QSOs listening for someone else's
callsign, but this week I could copy the other calls much more easily.  I
still needed lots of repeats on the names and numbers, but those came much
more easily than in past weeks as well.  I was even able to call CQ and run
4 contacts in the last ten minutes.

This week's contest was an incredible hoot for me and I look forward to
many more Wednesday nights as I work my way up toward the more respectable
speeds that I usually hear.  Thank to CWOps for the weekly contest and for
the CW Academy course and special thanks to Bill K5LN for his fine
instruction and to my fellow classmates for their hard work and support.


-Neil KD0UKC

On Sun, Nov 9, 2014 at 3:31 PM, Hank Garretson <w6sx at arrl.net> wrote:

> Loosen your seat belts everyone--we're going to have some slow-speed CW
> fun.
> We will have Very Special Slow-Speed CWops Tests on 12 November. We will
> again be welcoming enthusiastic CW Academy graduates to the wonderful world
> of on-the-air CW. These guys and gals are the new blood and future of ham
> radio. Our job is to make them feel welcome and eager to come back for
> more. To help the tentative make the jump to full-fledged CW aficionados.
> CWops Tests rules are at http://www.cwops.org/cwt.html . We will have our
> normal three sessions, 1300-1400Z Wednesday, 1900-2000Z Wednesday, and
> 0300-0400Z Thursday (Wednesday night).
> CWops Tests exchange. Members: Name and CWops Member Number. Nonmembers:
> Name and State, Province, or DX Country Prefix. CW Academy graduates: Name
> and CWA.
> Everyone please limit speed to 20 WPM maximum. CQ at 20 WPM. Even when you
> are working someone you normally work at 35 WPM, please send no faster than
> 20 WPM. When you answer someone CQing at less than 20 WPM, answer at his
> speed. When someone answers your 20 WPM CQ at a slower speed, match his
> speed.
> Thank stations by name. Make the new guys feel welcome.
> If appropriate, help stations by explaining CWT exchange.
> If someone wants to rag chew, rag chew for a bit.
> Send lots of FBs and other encouragement.
> Us working us—we do that all the time. Please make a special effort to work
> the new guys.
> Send a welcoming QSL card or email to each new station worked.
> Our Very Special Slow-Speed CWops Tests are not just for CW Academy
> graduates. Please talk about the event at your local clubs. Encourage
> CW-tentative hams  to get on and have fun. Help, encourage, mentor.
> Mark your calendars. Very Special CWops Tests 11/12 June. The graduates are
> our new blood. They are the hams who will carry on the CW tradition. Let's
> make a very special effort to get on and make the graduates feel welcome.
> Let's infect them with the CW bug.
> *The first rule of CW is to have fun and to share the fun. This week, more
> than ever let's share the fun with our Very Special Slow-Speed CWops Tests.
> *
> Special note. I have it on good authority that W1AW will be active. The Old
> Man will be sending *W1AW/5 HIRAM MS* at *20 WPM* or less. It will be a
> thrill for our new guys to work W1AW.
> CW Exuberantly,
> Hank, W6SX
> CWops Tests Manager
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