[CQ-Contest] No more Unassisted in ARRL VHF Contests?

Martin , LU5DX lu5dx at lucg.com.ar
Sun Nov 16 17:51:00 EST 2014

That can easily be solved.
Video/Audio recording for high profile entrants posted to YouTube
right after the contest, or even better live video streaming (audio
could be delayed a few mins respect to real time if needed)
Pretty simple nowadays.


Martin, LU5DX

On Sun, Nov 16, 2014 at 4:36 PM,  <dave at g4buo.com> wrote:
> So Doug, by the same logic do you believe ARRL and perhaps other contest
> sponsors should remove the distinction between single and multi-op since
> it is hard for the checkers to tell the difference?
> Maybe some "SOAB" entrants already have several people in the shack
> helping them find and work mults. So logically, ARRL will have to remove
> the distinction between single and multi op because it is hard to police.
> Dave G4BUO
> KR2Q Wrote:
>> ..... But from a practical perspective (perspective of log
>> checking), there is good reason to remove the separation.  I mean, why
>> have separate categories if the log checkers can't actually verify those
>> using assistance in a subtle manner, but in a way that can really impact
>> their final score?
>> This is my 2 cents and certainly is not a known reflection of what the
>> contest sponsors may be thinking (but which at least one has clearly been
>> surveying).
>> de Doug KR2Q
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