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Many years ago, maybe 1990 or so, when we still had paper call books, there 
 was a call book listing of license classes by state.  I went through the  
list and found that MD had the most Extra Class licenses.  I don't remember  
if it was the greatest number or the highest percentage, or both, but that  
state stood out.
If you've visited the DC area recently you'll have seen the tremendous  
growth in the surrounding MD and VA areas.  Rolling country vistas have  been 
transformed into endless housing developments.  There's been a huge  influx 
of people, many in government, defense and national security jobs,  along 
with high tech industries.  Not to mention all kinds of  contractors, lobbyists 
and hangers-on.  The population grows as the  government grows.  The 
corridor between Washington and Baltimore is top  heavy with federal facilities 
and the Dulles region is filling up, too.
This well educated and highly motivated population is full  of vigorously 
active ham radio operators, so it's no surprise to see MD and  VA at the head 
of the list.  It would be even more interesting to see how  many of them 
reside within a 50 mile radius of Capitol Hill.
Ken, AB1J
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Usually  I count on the "Big Seven" for 20% of my SS QSO's, in this general 

MDC  (Can't remember a contest where this wasn't  #1)

73, de Hans,  K0HB

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In  an e-mail to me, VE4EA expressed this sentiment:

"And yes, where do I  sign the petition to get MDC divided into 5 sections?"

Gee, was it  really that bad??

73, Art  K3KU
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