[CQ-Contest] 1980s checks in SS/SSB.

Joe nss at mwt.net
Fri Nov 21 19:44:26 EST 2014

On 11/21/2014 2:28 PM, Richard Ferch wrote:
> Hi Kelly,
> I may not have made my point well enough.
> My point was that when sending my own exchange, I want it to be as 
> predictable as possible. That's not so much to ensure that the other 
> person will get it right - that's really their problem, not mine. More 
> importantly from the point of view of my own self-interest, it's to 
> minimize the time it takes for us to complete the QSO.
> If the other person is copying what they hear, but what they hear is 
> unexpected, it may take them a bit longer to get it than it would be 
> if what they heard was expected. The chances of their asking for a 
> repeat are probably increased a bit because of the surprise factor. A 
> hesitation or repeat only slows them down for that one QSO, but it may 
> affect a lot of my QSOs. By the end of the contest, the one who 
> suffers most from all those hesitations and repeats could well be me.
> 73,
> Rich VE3KI
I have this happen to me all the time in the IARU Radiosport Contest.  
Many logging programs apply zone 8 because of my call. But I am in zone 7.

And I hear it a lot when I give the exchange I hear then correcting it 
you can tell by the hesitation and slowing down of things or them 
repeating it.


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