[CQ-Contest] Where have all the young ones gone? courtesy of Pete Seeger

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We can pick the fly-shit out of the pepper-pot all day, but this is a 
completely moot question right out of the gate.

Any prize other than "bragging rights" (i.e., certificate, medal on a 
ribbon, or walnut plaque) which could be considered a "valuable 
consideration", such as cash or an item convertible to significant cash 
(i.e.., "a brand new 8000 dollar radio"), and you've moved the contest from 
"amateur Radiosport" to "professional Radiosport", where the participants 
strive for compensation.

This might appeal to some small group of affluent hams or "clubs", but it 
would be the end of contesting by us "amateurs".  We would not likely 
contribute points to a fray in which the winners (which we have no hope to 
be) would be "paid".

73, de Hans, K0HB

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It would depend on the regularity of the income - Under a one off it would
be treated as "gambling winnings" and not as a specific income. If however
you won every prize contest and only entered them it could easily be argued
that you are professional contester. Are  we really having this conversation
or am I still dreaming :-)


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so, how about taking this to the extreme if someone won say CQWWCW and the
prize if there was one was a brand new 8000 dollar radio,



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On 4/23/2015 1:30 PM, Radio K0HB wrote:
> Actually, Joe, the FCC doesn't say you can't be paid.
> It says your operations as a ham must be "without pecuniary interest".
> Now receiving a "fancy certificate, suitable for framing" might be
> loosely be interpreted as "being paid", but it does not rise to the
> level of "pecuniary interest".
> The term "pecuniary interest" has quite a narrow legal and financial
> definition which involves money or instruments negotiable for cash,
> not plaques or certificates.
> 73, de Hans, K0HB
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> of Pete Seeger
> Is it a gray line here?
> I always wondered about this some.  Is a "Prize" being getting paid to
> operate the radio?
> To me is isn't because there is no guarantee you're going to get
> anything for operating the radio.
> If you place last you don't get anything, if you place like in the top
> ten you get a piece of paper, so no problems there.
> But if you place first, in many contests you get a pretty nice plaque
> to display. I have one right here on my wall from taking first place
> in the Wisconsin QSO Party Single Op Fixed station in 1989. Now while
> that chunk of walnut wood with the brass engraving isn't worth a K3.
> but it does have value does it not? At least personally to me is does.
> even tho monetarily it is not a lot.
> BUT if you really wanted to be picky did I not get paid something by
> getting that plaque by operating my radio?
> There must be a positive way to differ between a Paid vs a prize. ya
> know?
> But of course wouldn't it be cool that if it was possible in some of
> the ultra major contests to be able to win something. like a radio or
> something.
> Joe WB9SBD

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