[CQ-Contest] Logging question

VE2TZT ve2tzt at arrl.net
Tue Aug 4 14:42:57 EDT 2015

That's one of the reasons why I keep audio records of all of my contests.

In such a situation, including when I receive a QSL card ''not in my 
log'' I listen to what happened.

Then I can take a clear decision including sending the audio record of 
the QSO to explain my decision.

If in no any circumstances I give such info or modify the contest log 
before the contest sponsor due log date (I send my log a few hours after 
the contest and never re-send it), I of course accept to modify my 
station log for DX purposes if I made the mistake.

But most of the time, I have observed that people sending this kind of 
request :
- had a so bad CW (mostly poor respect of timings) that it was not 
possible to make the difference between their callsign and the one I 
logged (in which case I consider they did not sent a correct CW mode)
- or believed they made the QSO because they copied 2 letters/number 
similar to their own callsign in the callsign I actually worked.

Just a precision, even if I made the mistake, this is not a reason to 
modify a contest log to avoid a penalty or a lost multiplier to the 
requester, first, what is logged is logged for ever (the finished QSO by 
e-mail story) and second he had to insist to correct me rather that 
answering 599 ...

73 de Gilles VA2EW

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