[CQ-Contest] Logging question

Brett Graham vr2bg at harts.org.hk
Tue Aug 4 18:14:21 EDT 2015

If I receive a request for QSL in the post & find I busted the other 
station's call in my log, I review my recordings, UBN report & then make 
judgment call - more often than not, I did fumble & will fix my log so 
that I can reply to the QSL request.

Often, it's those non-combatants who expect RST to be part of the 
exchange who don't correct my busting their call (strange, as presumably 
their interest in working me is to get a QSL).  As this isn't done to 
the log that might be submitted, I might not get credit for the Q in the 
event, but they still get their card.  Hopefully, they'll call me again 
in a subsequent event.

As I suspect I might have been a little more attractive to casuals than 
say a W6 or W0 or whatever, it's what you have to do.  And not possible 
on LoTW - one of the reasons I will not use it.


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