[CQ-Contest] Logging question

Jim Brown k9yc at audiosystemsgroup.com
Sat Aug 8 10:50:58 EDT 2015

On Sat,8/8/2015 12:43 AM, Oliver Dröse wrote:
> Com'on, then use the ARRL bureau and DX cards will cost you next to 
> nothing! We have a superb QSL bureau system in most of this world's 
> countries ... Yes, it will not work for all DX 

If you think the Bureau system is "superb" you probably don't use it. 
The Bureau system is essentially broken. MANY hams do not participate, 
some countries do not have bureaus, and it is VERY VERY slow. Many hams 
who operate in small countries use QSL managers in countries where 
return postage is $3, and who do not respond to cards sent via the 
Bureau. I know that because I sent them cards through the Bureau. I 
receive at least 500 cards a year from the Bureau, 95% of them from 
Japan. On average, those cards are for contacts that are 21 months 
earlier. Thus, a turnaround time of 3 1/2 years. I've sent thousands of 
cards to the Bureau, with very poor return of the cards I needed for an 

> and yes it depends on your ARRL membership, not a bad thing.

I'm an ARRL member, currently paid until 2020.

> But anyway, you said in an earlier mail you won't QSL if the contact 
> is not on LotW. So what do you do if somebody sends you a card 
> including return postage and you don't find him on LotW? Through away 
> his card and keep his money? Is that your definition of "final courtesy"? 

If that ham has not given other hams the courtesy of putting his log on 
LOTW, I see no reason that I should give him the courtesy of sending a 
card in return. Instead, I consider the money a contribution to the 
considerable research that I done on ham radio issues and have published 
on my website. I choose to do that work and publish it rather than spend 
days sending cards to hams who are inconsiderate of other hams.

73, Jim K9YC

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