[CQ-Contest] Logging question

Oliver Dröse droese at necg.de
Sat Aug 8 12:24:49 EDT 2015


> If you think the Bureau system is "superb" you probably don't use it. 

I do since I became a radio amateur some 26 years ago, that's why I am 
of the opinion! But maybe it's in better general use here in Europe, 
might well be the case. And most QSL managers are bureau members, too. 
Admittedly not all but that's where OQRS comes into play ... and you can 
even request bureau cards from most DXpeditions via OQRS. ;-)

>> But anyway, you said in an earlier mail you won't QSL if the contact 
>> is not on LotW. So what do you do if somebody sends you a card 
>> including return postage and you don't find him on LotW? Through away 
>> his card and keep his money? Is that your definition of "final 
>> courtesy"? 
> If that ham has not given other hams the courtesy of putting his log 
> on LOTW, I see no reason that I should give him the courtesy of 
> sending a card in return. Instead, I consider the money a contribution 
> to the considerable research that I done on ham radio issues and have 
> published on my website. I choose to do that work and publish it 
> rather than spend days sending cards to hams who are inconsiderate of 
> other hams.

Wow, what an attitude ... I don't see any ham-spirit in there, times 
sure changed. :-( To my mind it's plain theft, sri. I've done quite a 
number of projects myself, published in magazines and on the web, etc. I 
do this for my own pleasure (remember, it's a hobby), not to get paid 
via QSL contributions and people sending QSLs in good faith not even 
knowing they get robbed ...

But let's stop it here, Jim. Seems we have quite different views on that 
topic that will never match ...

73, Olli - DH8BQA

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