[CQ-Contest] RBN high busted rate during WAE DX?

Teijo Murtovaara teijo.murtovaara at netikka.fi
Wed Aug 12 05:34:33 EDT 2015

11.8.2015 22:10, Pedro Colla kirjoitti:
> Hi, I'd observed during the contest that quite often my running
> frequency were reported as being ocuppied by me (LT7H) and by DT7H
> who seems to be a seldom used Italian callsign, but most likely a
> malformed capture of my callsign during the contest. It happened
> either when I was called by scores of non-European fellows (perhaps
> looking for an Italian multiplicator), also when I turned off the
> "run" mode in N1MM+ and it showed outstanding the DT7H callsign in
> the same frequency. Busted calls has always been an unavoidable
> feature of the RBN, which is a superb infrastructure resource for
> all of us, but the % of busted calls were relatively low and a
> manageable issue in my experience. So, after the contest I'd used the
> raw data info to evaluate how bad was the problem and the results
> seems higher than I would have expected. Sunday numbers were the
> worse, the distribution of the problem is:

Hi Pedro,

You better check your equipment. I noticed one time a very bad wideband
transmission with a very bad tone sending LT7H. It was very hard to zero
beat. No wonder that your call got busted. I guess that not so many
people were answering you with such a bad signal. Can you see any gap in
the log appearing at the time when you had a big number of busted spots?

I worked you later and your transmission was then ok so it might be
related with an arcing bad connector.

73 de Teijo OG6N

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