[CQ-Contest] [SECC] South Carolina QSO Party Announcement

Dave Edmonds dave at pkministrywebs.com
Thu Aug 20 11:12:03 EDT 2015

Yes Tom...

Both N1MM and N3FJP updated their

We are "GREEN" with N1MM... Those guys were very supportive of our changes
and they made them very quickly. Amazing response time...They made all
changes 100%.

N3FJP also updated his software for our rules change very quickly... with
only one exception. The additional Bonus Station points will not be
included in software  totals, but we've handled this issue by having
stations add their Bonus Station contact totals on the summary form during
the log submission upload. The online form will calculate the totals.

The Online Summary Form is similar to other major contests which use a
similar log submission process.

We are excited about the SCQP...

Thanks for playing in it!


On Thu, Aug 20, 2015 at 10:35 AM, Chester Alderman <aldermant at windstream.net
> wrote:

> Hi Dave,
> Looking forward to the SCQP!! I hope you have submitted the SCQP rules
> changes you mention in this notice to the N1MM Plus staff?
> 73,
> Tom - W4BQF
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> Subject: [SECC] South Carolina QSO Party Announcement
> Calling All Contesters....
> We have a NEW South Carolina QSO Party for 2015!
> The NEW SCQP will be on the air on 9/19/15, which is just around the
> corner. Are you coming to the party?
> During the last 10 months, our SCQP Team has put together a contest that
> we believe will be one of the best QSO Parties you'll ever experience.
> We've made innovative rule changes to create more participation and on air
> activity.
> We've even updated our scoring to allow South Carolina stations to receive
> Multiplier credit for SC counties, plus S/P. We've also given our SC
> stations the opportunity to earn DOUBLE QSO points for all "Out-Of-State"
> contacts. That means, our SC stations will be on the air all the bands.
> Since our rules for 2015 have changed drastically from last year, please
> make sure you read the 2015 rules prior to working the QP...
> We are continuing to receive RSVPs from stations all over the country. We
> receive an RSVP from N8FKF from Montana last night. That brings us up to 11
> states so far. Please RSVP via our website to let us know that you're
> participating.
> At this time, we have commitments to activate 42 of our 46 counties. We
> currently have 6-7 mobile stations getting ready to run counties on CW and
> SSB.
> Our Bonus Stations W4CAE and WW4SF are gearing up for the event. Our W4CAE
> (500 pt) station will be operated from one location. Our WW4SF (350 points)
> will be operated from multiple counties similar to the W1AW/p event. We
> will spot all of our Bonus Stations and SC stations on our Official SCQP
> Spotter website. You can work our Bonus Stations once per band per mode, so
> you'll have fun chasing these operators all over the bands. We will be
> operating CW, SSB and DIGITAL modes...
> Gosh... there's more... we have increased our awards program to include 74
> plaque available plaques.. reserve a spot on your wall... We are requiring
> a minimum of 50 contacts to quality for a plaque. We offer a "balanced"
> awards program, which means that we have the same categories for both
> "In-State" and "Out-Of-State" stations. We're even offering a "Digital"
> only category too.
> The SCQP has a new log submission process for 2015 event. To submit a log
> for the SCQP, you will go to www.scqso.com <http://www.scqso.com>  and
> click on the "Log Submissions" link. On this page, you will find
> instructions on how to upload your SCQP log.
> Since we've added two Bonus Stations to the mix this year, we are
> requiring a Summary Form to be completed for every log submission. With the
> on-line Summary Form, you will be able to upload your log as you complete
> the online form... It's all in one process. The Online Summary Form will
> also compute your final score from the data you enter. You will also
> receive an immediate confirmation of your submission.
> Visit www.scqso.com <http://www.scqso.com>  for all the details.
> If you have any questions about the SCQP, please let me know..
> Are you coming to the SCQP?
> 73's
> Dave WN4AFP
> SCQP Team Member
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> Dave Edmonds
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> Heart"

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