[CQ-Contest] NAQP SSB Cabrillo

ac0w at charter.net ac0w at charter.net
Mon Aug 24 00:50:52 EDT 2015

I just received the digest today and needed to verify a few things
before responding publically.
While the proper thing to enter into the multiplier field for the
Virgin Island contact is VI, our log checking software will accept KP2
or DX in that field. So no need to change or log.
Similarly for the following:
Puerto Rico, PR is the correct entry, KP4 or DX acceptedHawaii, HI is
the correct entry, KH6 or DX accepted Alaska, AK is the correct entry,
KL7 or DX accepted
I can't make any promises on how long we will accept the alternate
entries for these multipliers so encourage the contest software
authors to update their multiplier files for NAQP to the proper entry.
BillAC0WNAQP SSB Manager

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 Date: Fri, 21 Aug 2015 14:00:45 -0400
 From: Art Boyars 
 To: CQ-Contest Reflector 
 Subject: [CQ-Contest] NAQP SSB Cabrillo

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 OK, the KP2 said "Virgin Islands", which I logged as VI. My logging
 software (CT-DOS) accepted that.

 The NAQP Cabrillo format says QTH is State/Province for W/VE, DX for

 My software converted VI to DX in the Cabrillo file.

 I've heard that the NAQP Robot and/or log checking s/w is/are very

 What should I do:

 a) Log what he sent, and change DX to VI?
 b) Leave it as DX, b/c the log checking will invalidate the QSO if it
 c) Either, b/c either will work?
 d) Stop bothering you with such questions?
 e) Stop working SSB, b/c my LCR will be embarrassing even if I get
the VI
 QSO(s) right?

 73, Art K3KU

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