[CQ-Contest] Paper certificates

Dick Frey k4xu at bendcable.com
Mon Aug 31 13:18:43 EDT 2015

This thread has devolved into an unnecessary critique of CQ Magazine. Over
the past 50+ years I have accumulated a stack of certificates. 


The 7QP started e-mailing print-your-own certificates from its start ten
years ago. It is a budgetary issue. It costs us $2 to mail a certificate.
The CODXC has just 26 members and tries to run this at no cost to the club.
OK, we do sponsor two plaques at $38 each.


This year 7QP received 579 logs and sent out 321 certificates 25 days after
the contest (some mobiles received several). We received many "thanks for
the quick turn on results" and only two "please print it for me" requests.


Given the cost/benefit ratio and the near universal availability of color
printers, this practice will only increase. The CERTIFICATE: NO plus an
option to pay a fee for a printed/mailed certificate is viable. I'm much
more interested in how I did in the contest than adding to my certificate


Since almost all the entries are emailed, how about emailing the results and
a printable certificate .and using the savings to promote the sport.


Dick  k4xu

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