[CQ-Contest] Polyglot contesting

Art Boyars artboyars at gmail.com
Tue Dec 1 11:50:57 EST 2015

No, not HB9OCR operating 15M at W3LPL in ARRL DX SSB last March, running
stations in five languages. (See "Highly Motivated Tourists" in NCJ for
Sept/Oct 2015, or PVRC Newsletter (online) for July 2015.)

Rather, have you not described to lay people how when you really know the
(Morse) Code it's like speaking a language?  You don't have to decode one
letter at a time, you just "read" it, and you can copy straight from your
ears to the pencil or the keyboard.

I operated almost exclusively CW for many years.  After two or three full
efforts in SS SSB I still struggle to copy voice.  (Happens to me in live
speech, too, and hearing loss is only part of the problem.)  In contests I
can log faster in CW than in 'Phone,

Anyhow, after SS SSB last week I was writing up my stories for 3830scores,
PVRC Reflector, and RadioSport Manitoba.  Reviewing my log, I could
remember many of the 613 QSOs.  For example, I remember exactly how VO1MP
sounded when I turned on the radio Sunday morning and found him right where
I had left the dial.  Hello, NL mult, and thank you, Gus.

But as I remembered all those QSOs, I came to realize...

I was remembering them in CW !!


73, Art K3KU
Only 49 weeks to SS CW

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