Dick Frey k4xu at bendcable.com
Tue Dec 1 12:54:46 EST 2015

After locating a gas furnace as the source of intermittent RFI at a
local ham's place I was wary of them. Last winter I had to install a
new furnace. I chose a Lennox 97.5% efficient forced air job with a
variable speed blower. I told the heating contractor that it must not
interfere with my radio.

He checked with Lennox and discovered an add-on RFI filter ($90) was
available. It turned out to be a two section 10A line filter I could
have bought from DigiKey (108-10DRCG5) for $15, but I didn't have to
install it nor raise warranty issues. It works.


An ounce of prevention..


Dick Frey,   K4XU/N7XU


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