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Thu Dec 3 09:13:56 EST 2015

Thanks for the links, very interesting.
Btw that is like another sport , to reach the execellence , to be a
champion you need to practise every day like a football player does. Train
hard very hard and once you are exahusted then train a little bit more.
What do you need to train??? Time, one thing that I don't have and probably
I'll never have in the next 20 years until my children grow and let me some
space. They both are awesome and probably we find one of this guys each 100
like me.


Aranjuez, Madrid, Spain
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El 03/12/2015 14:49, "Ken Low" <kenke3x at gmail.com> escribió:

> Someone commented there was no audio on the ZF2MJ YouTube video.   To hear
> audio of a MorseRunner run at 60wpm, click here for a sample from YT6W, a
> frequent HST competitor:
> https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=0xQwAh7POuw
> Now imagine you hear two audio streams like that, one in each ear, for 48
> hours, and you get a sense for what Dan and Jose just did.
> As a comparison to world-class single-stream MorseRunner, see the HST 2015
> results here:
> http://www.hst2015.org/results/2014/hst2014.pdf
> The top Men's score was Goran YT7AW at 4,398 points over a 10-minute run
> in HST Mode, with 4 Callsigns continuously.   The top Ladies score was Anna
> RA4FVL (I would guess she's 22 years old now) at 4,242 points.
> My QRZ page shows a sample MorseRunner run at 3,232 points which equates
> to 324 QSO's per hour (with a single audio stream).   So the top HST guys
> can do about 425-450 per hour with a single audio stream, although A) they
> crank the Transmit speed up to 120wpm to save time (not really possible in
> a real pileup), and B) those 4 simulated MorseRunner stations are awfully
> well-behaved, and there are not 5-10 of them all zero-beat together!
> What Dan and Jose did is a logical evolution of high rate contesting using
> existing building blocks.   Kudos to them both for the hard work they put
> in to reach the next level!
> Ken KE3X
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