[CQ-Contest] High Rate Dual Radio CQing

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Having watched the N6MJ video (very impressive!) I have a couple of thoughts:

Did he use a footswitch(s) to trigger an ESM command?

Was there any sort of macro to trigger an ESM command on the opposite radio at the end of a transmitted message on the first radio?

I believe the two radio technique does have an advantage for the rest of us, beyond making the ZF multiplier more available: he ID's after every QSO as a way of keeping the timing for the exchanges and "QRZ?" messages close to each other.

Like many others, I look forward to hearing the audio with this!

And will we now sit down at the Dayton Pileup Competition to find two keyboards and two monitors in front of us?  :-)

73  -  Jim  K8MR 

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I don't think doing "dual CQs" on different bands is a very new concept. It just takes a tremendous amount of skill to pull it off. Another factor in this is that it takes a very short exchange (such as CQWW) for this to work well. Using this technique in other contests with serial numbers or longer exchanges becomes less smooth and extremely fatiguing. The fact that Dan was able to do this pretty much for the entire 48 hour contest is the most amazing part to me!

Imagine what the ZF2MJ score would have been from a 3 point country. Possibly enough to lure N5TJ out of retirement?


Will AA4NC

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